Classic Country & Bluegrass Sticker's

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These stickers are done by artist Gina Dilg, and she is in love with art, design, music, dance, and anything at all crafty.

Her website says this about her: "Since I was little, my world has revolved around old-time music and the incredible community that comes with it. I play fiddle, guitar and flatfoot dance in a duo with my husband Jason Dilg, and lead a powerhouse string band called The Mustard Cutters (Trish Fore, Ashlee Watkins, Brett Morris). I teach fiddle and dance, and currently serve as chair for the BOD of Junior Appalachian Musicians. In 2022 I left my role as Marketing Director for the Floyd Country Store, embarking on new adventures in design and marketing through my business Square Dance Agency (coming soon). My work for the last four years at the Store has been an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the musical, artistic, and entrepreneurial community surrounding it, and I've celebrated many accomplishments. The illustrations that have found their way onto instrument cases everywhere started as a "pandemic project" and gathered momentum from there. I look forward to seeing where the next artistic journeys will take me!         
Old Time, Bluegrass, Early Country, Blues, Folk Artists are heroes that inspire generations. What started for me as a project to illustrate some of my favorite artists has grown to an entire Super-Squad of traditional musicians. These illustrations are created in Procreate using halftone CYMK colors inspired by early comic book superheroes."