Moon Bound Girl: Melody’s Music

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This book tells the story of the Moon Bound Girl brand. It features the inspirational tale of “Melody” who finds that music is her true inner passion when she gets butterflies and feels her hair rise when she plays. This high quality boutique style book features a gorgeous jacket with embossing and foil, a gifting page, an interactive page for the reader that inspires her to start writing about her own dreams, and last but not least, a mirror in the back where the reader can see what her hair looks like in the air! This book makes a great gift for many……. Young girls need this inspiration and empowerment more now that ever! We’ve sold thousands to all ages. Great to empower young girls, inspire graduates and remind all dreamers no matter what age, to dream bigger!

*Each book is autographed by Leigh Ann.*

Leigh Ann Agee is a local artist from Tennessee and she is a renowned artist who has been creating, painting and inspiring for over 30 years. Growing up in Tennessee, Leigh Ann was always drawn to art, but did not feel that art could be any more than a hobby for her as she had no formal education. However, her passion grew and she began to see that art was her true calling. Leigh Ann picked up a paint brush and hasn’t put one down since. As an award-winning muralist, Leigh Ann spent the first part of her career painting over 1,000 walls and rooms throughout the southeast. She created custom murals for schools, nurseries, public projects and private homes. When she realized that people were connecting with her work and becoming inspired by her murals, she set out on a journey to bring her life’s work to more people, in a more personal manner – that’s how Moon Bound Girl was born. Leigh Ann created the Moon Bound Girl brand to house colorful characters that inspire others to hope, love and dream, too. Her mission is to create meaningful art that connects with the inner passion of others. Moon Bound Girl’s story – and Leigh Ann’s – show that if you follow your heart, anything is possible.