Orthophonic Joy Shirt

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This fun black and white shirt is more than just an awesome vintage graphic – it represents the incredible collaborative album “Orthophonic Joy: The 1927 Sessions Revisited.” The Victrola and antique lettering point back to the days of the original 1927 Sessions recordings that are still inspiring generations of musicians.

What does Orthophonic Joy mean?

The Victor Talking Machine Company, leading American producer of the phonograph, coined the term “Orthophonic” in 1925 after developing a recording process that created records with improved sound fidelity. Soon after, Victor used the term for the devices that would play the improved records, calling them “Orthophonic Victrolas” – the highest quality players the company would offer. Victor attracted the consumer by writing catchphrases such as “Don’t deny yourself the sheer joy of Orthophonic music” and “Brighten your home with the joy of Orthophonic music.” In 1927, under the direction of Ralph Peer, the Victor Talking Machine Company released many of the records from the seminal Bristol Sessions, a collection of music that would inspire musicians for generations to come.